Laurens Duijvesteijn


I enjoy sharing what I've learnt with others, and making myself reflect on a topic. Learning is more fun with other people.


I have given 5 minute lighting talks and in 6 hour workshops. Get in touch if you want me to speak at your event. In the past, I've discussed:

Software Transactional Memory

STM brings ideas from the database world to your application code. It gives you consistent views, atomic updates, and isolated transactions on shared memory.


Often touted as academic, Haskell is a fantastic industry language. It can eliminate a surprising amount bugs, and provides amazing refactorability.

Distributed Systems

Most non-trivial programs have a distributed component. Knowing some theory helps you operate your applications, and make better technology choices. It's a deep rabit hole, and lots of fun.


Elixir is a fantastic language for writing concurrent code using the actor model. It provides abstractions that let you handle the failure modes of your application and helps you create robust systems.